The Crystal Key: Second Review
By Dreamcatcher Interactive

Okay, the first review that I did on The Crystal Key was a while back and I wrote it before I finished the game. That was a stupid thing to do (although I still haven't finished the game, I have more to say about it.). I've finished most of the game now and I have to say, my rating for this game has dropped. This game is awful!

Before when I said that I had to resort to the walkthrough, I say it again. It's awful. There are objects that you have to pick up to advance later in the game. The objects are hidden and they expect you to look in a box that is no way in your line of vision; ie a small radio on the ground AT YOUR FEET!

This game now with the lack of story, gets a one and it's lucky for that. I'm a little bitter about this game now, since it sucks so much - it had so much potential!

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