(The  Orignial) Myst
by Cyan

Ah! Good ol' Myst; the first of it's kind. What type of adventure game player would I be if I hadn't played and reviewed this? As you can guess, this has got a good review.

I was showing my friends The Neverhood in 1997 and he said that it reminded him of a game called Myst. I thought it sounded cool and it didn't take me long but I found someone to borrow the game off of. I only had a weekend and a bit to play it before I had to return it, so unfortunately I was a little rushed into finishing the game.

First released by Cyan on three floppy disks, then on "new" CD ROMs for Mac and PC, Myst is an island that you get to by clicking on a picture from a book. You start on a dock and have no idea what in the world you're doing. Fun, isn't it? The point of the game is to collect red or blue pages from the different Ages which you "link" to from Myst, and to make a decision of what to do at the end of the game.

The graphics in this is amazing when you considure when this was released, 1993. The sounds and music fit perfectly into the environments where-ever you are. You almost don't notice it because you expect the music to play.

The puzzles on Myst are easy enough to figure out (I found), but the Ages that you link to are a different matter. The most difficult Age I found was the Selenitic Age and the Mazerunner; now that was just confusing!

The story of what happened to the island of Myst and the Ages are revealed to you by observation and two brothers who are trapped in two seperate books in the library on Myst. To get the whole story, I found you had to collect both the red and blue pages (which the character in the Official Myst Hint book does).

The game is just plain good and I can play it over and over again without getting bored of it. But that's just me.

The ending seems to be anti-climatic because it is continued in the sequel Riven, But if you play them back to back, it fits just right and you don't miss a thing.

This game gets five out of five stars from me. It's because of Myst that there are so many other adventure games out there. Lucky me! :)

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