The Neverhood Chronicles
By Dreamworks Interactive

The Neverhood; my first first-person perspective puzzle PC game. Ahhh... memories! And as you can see from the background, it's done in klaymation!

I'd like to start off by saying that, I loved this game! It was completely awsome and not only that, it was funny! There are sections in the game where you literally laugh out loud dispite yourself.

The main character is a little guy named Klaymen. The game starts in a bright pink klay room with jazzy music and Klaymen is asleep. You click on him to wake him up and then you have to get out of the room. So, in essence, the puzzles of the game start right away. You get the idea of what is expected of you as soon as you wake up.

The perspective changes from third person to first person, but you don't notice it much. The whole world that you are in is entirely made of three tonnes of klay. It is absolutely amazing! The animation in this is done with stopmotion animation then fixed up in the computers.

As you travel through the world you: pick up objects that are useful later to solve the puzzles, push tones of buttons, almost get eaten, play with dynamite and discover more about the world that you're in by your environment. The music in this game is a jazz/dixie/improv that is certainly unique, but personaly, I love it. It's "feel-good music".

The controls in this game is a giant klay arrow that you move around the screen and click on things. It's easy and not very hard to figure out.

There are five main characters in the game: Klaymen, Willie Trombone, Hoborg, Big Robot Bil and Klogg. There are other characters, but they don't appear until the end.

This game gets five stars out of five because it is just simply that good.

The sad thing is that it's really hard to come by now. You can find it on Ebay from $31.00 to $77.00 and up, but that's about it (I cut up the box that it came in and there's no way that I'm selling it!). There is no plans in the future to re-release it and the team that worked on it has split up and gone their seperate ways. There was talk of having another game to add to it, but that fell through. The sequel, Skullmonkeys, is for Playstation only and is a scrolling type of game. That game is also very good.

I'm glad that I have this game since it's so rare. Too bad my sister lent it out and I haven't see it for two years... (APPLEYARD!!! WHERE IN THE NET ARE YOU?! I WANT MY GAME BACK!!!)

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