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Now, it's been a while since I've played this game, but from what I remember, it was a refreshing change from the crap that was The Crystal Key. The game starts off in the woods. You walk along and come across a tent. Obviously, you're suppose to go into that tent.

I felt very guilty going into the tent, but later, I found out that it was "my" tent and then I didn't feel so bad.

The reason I felt so bad about going into the tent is because you go on someone's laptop and read e-mail, watch movie files and such. These things are very important. They are introducing you to who you are and what you're doing here in the woods.

"You" are Lilah (the lovely laughing lady in the picture above). You and your work partner (or husband - I can't remember which; maybe both) have just finished a huge AI nanite project and this is your well deserved holiday. Your partner/husband, Max, well, doesn't have very good sense in dressing himself apparently. Well, the shorts anyway. Eep! I mean, just look at them!

The files you are looking at are about the AI program that you have just completed, meetings and what not. But there are a few entries about dreams that you and Max have had recently. One reference is a sketch done by Lilah, the other is a movie file with Max telling you about his. (Why he would tell you this, I don't know, but it is important information for the game.)

So after you read all your new mail and watched/looked at your files, you can exit the tent. If you do not do everything, you can't proceed to the next part. After doing it properly, you start walking down another forest path and you hear Max scream/yell. Naturally, you go to investigate. You come to a large, black rock structure (oh geez, this is starting to sound like a walkthrough, but I won't keep it so; I promise!)

You click on the shiny black surface of the rock you stop infront of and you get sucked into the rock.

When everything comes clear and in focus, it turns out that you're in your dream! The one you see in the sketch of your laptop. It's called "The Bureau" and your goal is to get to the head guy's office. But! The bridge is broken, so it's your job to get the paperwork to fix it.

In short, this "Bureau" is one large red tape nightmare (once you get one thing done, there's another thing you have to do. It's really irritating). There is no living person there other than you. Everyone else is a mouth on a TV screen with robotic hands.

(Side note: This pays a small tribute to Myst)

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But, the strange thing about this game, is that it works exactly how a dream would. There are things that happen that would never happen in reality (I won't give any away), but it seems completely normal in the location setting. If you ever remember your dreams (or at least part of them) then you know what I mean.

Once you've finished with Lilah's dream, then you move onto Max's. That I shall keep a secret, for you to find out... if you can find the game that is. I borrowed it from a friend and really want to own it. This search shall be hard. ^^

The music in the game is soft instrumental and fitting to the mood and locations of what's happening. The environments are unreal (because they're based on dreams), but they are still wonderful. The puzzles are challenging and in some cases, very difficult, but that's what makes the game good IMO.

As with all of these games, you have a choice to make at the end of the game; two different choices with two completely different outcomes. I've only done one of the endings, but I can guess what would happen if I had choosen the alternative.

I would give this game a five star rating because I can't really find anything wrong with it. There's not glitches from what I can remember and it was a very enjoyable game.

Bonus picture: Ever want a pocket Mexican?


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