Now, I don't know much about Rama. I don't even know who released it. I was at my cousin's house for two days and this game is extremely detailed. She hadn't even finished it yet and she had had it for two years.

The story is that there is a strange space object going past earth, heading for the sun, but it gets trapped in the earth's orbit. You are sent up to replace a resent casualty on the ship, and your job is to do observe. When you get there, you are directed to your locker where you get everything that you need to start the game, including a little character named Puck, an AI program that tells you what something (an object) is that have been identified by the other crew members.

When you get on something that resembles a railcar, the lights come on. Apparently, they had been off ever since the exploration crew had been there; well that's convinent for you, isn't it? Then you go around collecting objects on the ground, which range from puzzle pieces to types of jems and tools. You are provided with a map of the Rama ship and is ordered to stay away from this one certain area.

There are robotic machines that roam around the ship perform cleaning up jobs. What they find, they dump into a "type" of trash can, where you can collect the objects and put them where they're suppose to go.

Unlike Myst, you can die several places in this game. When this happens, a guy (I think he's the author of the Rama novel I think the game is based on) comes and rattles on about something or other. It's all fine and good until you start over from where you saved last, and if you make the same mistake and die again, you have to listen to the guy do the same speach again; there is no way for you to skip the extended talk. That got irritating when I died about four times in the same spot.

There is also brief character interaction in this game, which is pretty nice if you get tired of seeing the same locations and want to hear another persons' voice.

Now, I can't give this game a proper review because I haven't finished it, and don't think I will for a while. It is a good game, but you must have extremely good eye sight to see all the things on the ground. I missed them and my cousin was sitting right beside me, helping me out; I wanted to get as far as I could in the game before I had to leave her house. I know for sure that it's a game that can drive you mad until you solve the certain puzzle you're working on. It's just that type of game.

I also can't remember much about the game since I only played it for one night. I don't remember what the music was like or what the sounds were. I think they were good, but it's hard to say. The game control is basically the same as the Myst games and easy to follow.

Is it a good game from what I saw? Yes, I'd say so and I hope someday to actually finish it and do it on my own.

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