realMyst (Demo)
By Cyan

Now, I haven't played the whole thing of realMyst, I've only downloaded and played the demo, but I think that's enough to get a feel of the game.

RealMyst is basically Myst, only in real time, not the point and click. It has sort of the Quake type of feel when you're moving becuase it is actually moving. It's weird for me, because all of the adventure games I've played like this has been the point and click.

The demo is the Stoneship Age minus three things; the red page, the blue page and the linking ability back to the island of Myst. But other than that, it's the same.

First, the new features of realMyst are "real time 3D envirnoments, enhanced audio and video, simple and intuitive interface, changing environment, photo realistic, animal life, free movement, bonus age and new additional music".

Now the real time environments are cool but they take a while to get used to. It's with the movement of the mouse and to move in any direction, that's when you click. Then you start to move. I hope some people don't get motion sickness from this game. Some people might get disoriented with the movement of the "camera".

The audio and video is very good in the game. Basically that's only different with the demo's audio is the thunderstorm that's raging over your head; it changes from a nice soft rain to a black sky and bright lashes of purple thunder bolts. Personally, I go up to where the telescope is and just watch the storm. It's cool.

The interface is very different. Myst was a small screened game, this Myst screen fills your entire screen (mine is 800x600).  But the control of where you want to go is a little difficult. I was trying to go down the stairs in the lighthouse and it's slightly difficult to get to, but as I said, you do get used to it.

I spoke on the changing environments a bit before. It is just really cool. You can look up at the sky and literally watch the sky change colour from a light tan-ish to a dark black as the storm rolls in.

Photo realistic? Yes it is. The look of it fits with the new overhaul of the game.

Animal life? I did see fish swimming in the water when I went to the compass and later when you go to the ship where the Myst linking book is. There's jellyfish, manta rays, and regular ordinary fish. It was a nice change from seeing just water.

Now of course I didn't see the new bonus age with my testing of the demo, and I've very curious to see what it's like. Maybe you get to see it as a reward for finishing the game; I don't know. And new music? I didn't hear any but my guess that the new music is with the new age. Makes sense, doesn't it?

And like some other reviews before it, I can't give it a star rating cause I haven't played the whole game. It looks good and I look forward to walking around my favourite island in real time (actually, I was hoping that was what the demo was, but oh well).

Minimum Requirements to play realMyst:
PII 450
3D accelerator (16 MB)

Direct3D, Glide

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