Riven: The Sequel to Myst
by Cyan

Riven, the first player adventure game that's on five CDs. That's what got me. I had played Myst several years before borrowing this from a friend and fortunately my sister and her fiance had a computer that could run it.

Riven begins where Myst leaves off and you fullfill Atrus' request for help to rescue his wife Catherine from a "great foe". You are sent to Riven with no linking book back to D'ni, so you are stuck in Riven until you succeed or fail your mission. As on Myst, there are several outcomes to different decisions that you can make.

The control for the game is the same as Myst - easy to understand and easy to follow. The environments are absolutely amazing! Made with Softimage, Riven is a piece of art work in itself, never mind the puzzles that you have to solve.

The puzzles involve strong visual observations as well as some audio clues. There is also quite a bit of reading that you have to do to learn back story of what has happened before - a book of the history of Riven, one of Catherine's journal and one of Gehn's journal.

The little puzzles that you solve are part of a bigger puzzle which is not so obvious until you've finished more and more of the game. You really have to keep you eyes open in this one, there were so many things that I missed. It was my fourth game like this and you can get tricked easily in this. Trust me on this. It's really good like that.

Apparently, there is a PG-13 scene that I have yet to see and my friend accidentaly stubbled on. There are also a bunch of "easter eggs" hidden within the game that I'm keeping my eye out for the second time 'round.

The story is really good and it adds to the Myst novel [The Book of Atrus], if you have read it - I had read it after completing the game which is basically the same thing. The other two Myst novels tell of the history of the D'ni people [The Book of Ti'ana] (where Atrus is from) and a story that takes place after Riven is finished [The Book of D'ni]. They're good. I highly recommend them. Go here for them.

This game gets five stars for the five CDs that it has. This game will be hard to top by anything for a while, but the third Myst game, Exile, is coming out soon, so we'll just have to see.

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