"Shut up you stupid vikings!"

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I'm sorry, but there is no new mst right now and don't know when in the future there will be one because I am back in school and homework takes priority.

But I just got a phone call from Drew and was informed that someone had spammed our guestbook with invitations to an inappropriate site. Just... no. So this is a shout to a very helpful Jesse Von Riggs for emailing us. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. And to all of you hopefulls for more msting, please keep an eye out for future abuses like this and please inform us immediately.

Thank you. :)


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W00000t! First update of the new year! Drew is one year older now (Jan 6th), and I'm a whole lot poorer, thanks to Christmas. Am also trying to get another job. Let's hope this one goes through.

Now, over the past few months at the PPC, we've had a few trolls that think that they're pretty and witty and gay (well, maybe not the gay part), and thought they could take on the PPC with a few, all be it lame, insults, while "hiding" behind the alias of "anon". Instead of being insulting, it was just painful, for me anyway, to see a troll look so pathetic in it's attempts to sound clever.

I msted the posts, though sadly I didn't keep record of them. So, in their place, we have analysis of the troll's posts. They're entertaining and full of insight. I have the honour of hosting them and I hope that you readers enjoy them as much as I do.

More msts coming as well as Drew and I have had made a bit of advancement on Fellowship of the Urn. The plot is actually moving now. Rejoice!


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I know it's not much and it probably isn't all that funny, but it's still an update.

I'm sure I'll have another mst up soon enough, but as it is, (british accent) I'm a bit busy.

I hope Christmas was all good to you. I didn't get any geek presents, at least not yet. I still have a few more friends to see and it's usually my friends, and not family, that get me my geekiness every year.

Here's hoping!

Need new geeky calender.

Year. Running out. Must. Type. Like. This!


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Last night on the PPC Board someone mentioned about going to review the actual story about the lack of a spell checker, so being curious, I went to see if emeraldeyes still had the story up. Sure enough, I tracked it down, and her three fics were still there. I read the reviews and it looks like more of the newer ones are from after I started the mst.

Though one "review" caught my eye. It was from someone flaming emeraldeyes telling her to never write again because her story was "shit". Um, and who are you to tell her to stop writing? Have your stories always been perfect, Mary Sue-less fiction that everyone loves? For your information, I got permission to mst this story. I don't know whether she knew what she was getting into, but really, that's not my problem. I hate it when people flame authors that I mst because their stories are crap.

So what if the story sucks? So what if she has a Sue? So what if the plot is completely unbelievable? Every author should have a chance to improve.

Also, if you had noticed, the last time she updated any of her stories, it was 2002. It looks like Lord of the Rings was just a phase and hopefully she's moved on long ago. Leave her alone.

With that, enjoy chapter ten and please, don't anyone EVER go and flame the authors I mst. It's none of your business.

If You Poke Them, They Will Mst

I'm sorry for delaying so much. I was waiting for a few things and then life gets in the way but I've also found that my "msting barrier" that I used to have in abundance is weakening. I think "Taken Too Far Literally" spoiled me with the quality of writing and then going back to actual Sues makes my head physically hurt.

Also, I'm a little out of practice. I appologise if this chapter is of poorer quality compared to previous chapters. I'm still getting back into the swing of things.

So now, on with the show!