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Welcome traveller. I am AW, and I have recently returned from a long journey from the Ages of Myst, Riven and J'nanin. Come and read the journals of Atrus, Catherine, and Ghen. I may add more of my journey later. We'll see.

The reason I have this site is because I love the Myst games, and books. This page isn't meant to be a huge fanpage and it never will be. It'll be mostly just for the journals which paint an intriguing picture of other worlds through words; I just love the writing of the jourals. So enjoy reading the journals and I highly recommend the books and games if you have not tried either.

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This is a fan page of the games released by Cyan. If there is anything on this page that the people of Cyan don't want on it, just tell me and I'll take it off - I don't want any trouble. This is just done in fun. Images have been taken from the Myst/Riven/D'ni Homepage and editted by me. IE and Netscape linking book images have been taken from Myst and Riven Illustrated and editted by me.