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Christian Art
Easter '02 Like a rose...
Summer Trip Doodles
On Plane #1 Sketch #1
Dedroit Airport Bookstore: Who Stole My Cheese? Sketch #2
The Pillow Conspirocy Sketch #3
I'm Gonna Gettcha! Sketch #4
It Followed Me! Sketch #5
Cat's Cradle Sketch #6
Digital Painting
Drawn by SangoLaundry Slave
Lesson in mono-chromatic colourSleeping Town
Lesson on opposites of the colour wheel. Bar Open
Lession opposites, related colours and nuclear explotions! This one is my favourite!The Morning After
AW Collection
AW @ Work Lift it!
Chibi AWIsn't he cute?
By popular demandGoth AW
Long StoryWet Elf
Anime Type Art
Yue of Cardcaptor Sakura Yue
Yuki Second Vampire
TP Adventures GET'ER!
Old chibi sketch AW and Jynk
From Fushigi Yuugi Tasuki-san
Old chibi sketch Matrix and AndrAIa
After I got my guitar for my birthday AW and Sango
Coloured doodle Peace!
Sketchbook (of sorts)
Dinosaur: Oneline Practice #1 Dino Yoga
Dinosaur: Oneline Practice #2 All curled up
Ink drawing on a napkin Parking lot
Oneline Practice Plants
Oneline Practice Look Out!
This was drawn from a ceramic angel figurine Isabel Gentle Spirit
Inspired by Yue from Cardcaptor Sakura. Legend
From the movie Jim Henson movie "Labyrinth" Jareth
Doodle from my notebook Chibi Doodle
Tomb Raider: The Animated Series Lara Croft
Crypt Artwork
Edwen at the World Trade Center (Sept 11, 2002) We Will Remember
Crypt about to start on his umpteeth journey "Let's Go"
Something for Sept 11, 2001 The Change

I also have had drawn pictures at my Al's Wait and Eat.

And X-Men digital paintings at Sign With an X.