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What is Crypt? By the dictonary, a crypt is defined:

crypt (krpt) n.
1. An underground vault or chamber that is used as a burial place.
2. A small pit, recess, or glandular cavity in the body.

But my Crypt is something completely different. It's a comic book... or novel. Actually, it's both.

I've been working on a original fantasy story for over a year now and I started to draw a comic book for it, but I wasn't happy with what I was coming up with dialogue and art wise, so I froze it for a bit to rework a few things like character designs story, plus add more (and hopefully better) writing.

I'm not sure when the updates will resume for the comic, or how I'm going to proceed when they finally do, but it will continue and if I get going, it'll be soon.

I am also writing the story in prose format, and will be releasing it as a "fic" format eventually; it helps me with writing the script first of all (it will be posted in Original Writing section when it is revealed).

If you want to check out the comic as it is, go to and read what's up so far. There may be changes with the new plotline, but if there are, there won't be many.

I'm also redesigning the comic's page look; not sure to what though.