Happy Turkey Day

On this feastive and turkey filled weekend, I would like to take the time to list some universal things about literature in general for this article.

(Yes, I know that the Americans have to wait another month for their turkey feast, but I'm Canadian, consarnit, and I'm going to use this week for thankfulness. If you want to read a thankful essay in November, you can go back in the archives of the newspaper and read this again. Just think of it as a fast forward to your lovely and weight-gaining meal. Sorry if it makes you crave turkey... or ham.)

Thanksgiving: the time where we sit back while undo the top button of our pants, and reflect on all that we should be thankful for. And while I'm thankful for that wonderful turkey that's currently upstairs in our fridge surrounded by containers of rice, veggies, dressing, cranberry jelly.... hold on, I'm getting hungry; be right back...


Now that I am loaded down with the required left overs, I shall resume the thankfulness.

1. Spell Check
Lovely things, these text correctors are. Writing is a long and slow process (well, good writing at any rate) and after we've finished a chapter or a novel, we can sit back and let the spell check pick out all the typos and missed letters our fingers slipped over. Though it is not the end all to finishing what was just written, it is one of the steps and we need it.

2. Beta Readers
We love them so. Finding grammar errors that we miss no matter how many times we read over our own work. They also tell us if something is off, such as characterization, or if there's discrepancies with the plot like mistakes in the canon. They also encourage us to write more when we might get discouraged and nearly give up on the whole story line. I, personally, have the perfect spell check and grammar function in one person: Drew. It pays to have an English major for a sister! Huzzah!

3. dictionary.com/thesaurus.com
This joint site is usually open on my task bar when I am writing, so I can try and use a different word and not be working in the Department of Redundancy Department. Half a cheer for the thesaurus: Hip hip Hoo!

4. Good Fiction Writers
Kudos to all of you who actually check and re-check your fiction before posting it anywhere! Thank you for the enjoyable plots, memorable characters, and the relaxing read. We don't twitch at the bad spelling, poor grammar and rushed dialogue. In your fiction, we can just sit back and read as if it were a published piece of work and have no worries until we stop reading and have to re-enter the real world.

5. MST3K - Mystery Science Theatre 3000
Without this show and its humourous writers, my 'Lord of the MST' website wouldn't exist. That and I wouldn't know where to find my inspiration when I do not feel funny, or even a bit witty. I am thankful for the SoL Crew and their wacky talent for mocking movies that never should have been made.

6. The PPC - Protectors of Plot Continnum
Yes, I am thankful for you guys. I love this little community that we have built up against the Suvian and her forces of unicorns, phoenixes, and subservient lackeys. The old saying, "one stick is easy to break, but a bundle is impossible," is true; we are bound together with one purpose: the eradication of Sues everywhere. May we never be broken from the outside… or the inside.

So let us all be thankful for things that we quite often take for granted. And, while you’re being thankful, pass the gravy.