Okay, so I finaly made some comics. It was a favour to The Infernal Jynk to help fill the gap that she had to leave in her comic, Merhdad, that is updated every Mon, Wed and Fri at Clan Bob. She was really busy for a week and had to take a break... but turned out there was going to be a two week break. I mentioned that I could do a guest comic for her and she said she'd love that.

So, here they are. They're a three parter and is specially for Jynk... if you don't gather from the comics themselves.

Computerfile Hunters Pt. 1
Computerfile Hunters Pt. 2
Computerfile Hunters: Final?
Computer Hunters: Livin' in the Fridge
Computer Hunters: Well... I did.
Computer Hunters: Lesson #1 in Life

Waiting and Preparing for Daemon Rising (graphic intensive)

I really am asking for it, arent' I?