ReBoot Fan Art

Of course I have pictures. What ReBoot fan wouldn't have pictures from their favorite show? Go on! Go see! ^_^

NOTICE! If you want to post your own fan art on here, send the pic to me or the URL where it is and I will gladly put it up. Send them to

Digital ReBoot Pics
Al's Waiter
Megabyte never looked so cool!
Al's Waiter
What the artistic virals do in their down time
Al's Waiter
Got Shakes?
Dot's Diner Advertisement
Al's Waiter
The ReBooted Pretender
This is the poster of the Pretender/ReBoot X-Over The ReBooted Pretender
Al's Waiter
Al's Waiter?
AW not as the binome but as...a Random Renegade Guardian? (BTW: Emi gave me her rolling pin. beware of me newbies!)
Al's Waiter
A.I. Artificial Intelligence
Steven Spielberg's new summer movie coming soon has already been spoofed by you friendly neighbourhood waiter. Again, I was bored one afternoon with inspiration.
Al's Waiter
Aqua Raider
I was really into Tomb Raider this Christmas, because well... I was playing it at that time. So, also being bored one day, I made this graphic. You can also use it as a wallpaper (800x600).
Al's Waiter
Queen of Chaos!
This the first of the fan art series that I'm digitally colouring - entitled "Shadows". It's Season 1 Hex with Scuzzy and the Season 3 Tor in the Background.
Al's Waiter
Best Friends
The second of the new fan art series. It's of Season 1 Enzo and Frisket with Season 3 Enzo and Frisket in the background. Picture is scanned in from the ReBoot colouring book.
Al's Waiter
Season 4 Poster
Almost the same as my Matrix poster, yet different. Oooo!
Al's Waiter
No Fun and Games
Sept 11, 2001. Sometimes I wish we did live in Mainframe
Al's Waiter
Anime Matrix
Chibi Matrix
Chibi Matrix and AndrAIa
ReBoot Anime/chibi series
Al's Waiter
Penny Arcade
Comic X-Overs
B/W Young AndrAIa against the fire wall
B/W Bob beside Matrix
The Kiss
The Kiss in B/W
The Kiss
The Kiss with a B/W PO
The Kiss
Bob and Dot's Wedding Photo
Matrix against the firewall
A shiny new icon
Guardian Bob
It's a fairly large chibi Bob. Everybody loves the blue guy.
Lady Sita
Our Pasts Are Still Here
A mixture of Matrix and AndrAIa. Looks extremely cool!
ReBoot Pictures Drawn By Hand
Al's Waiter
Enzo's Conscience
I love drawing eyes. I find that they are the easiest to draw so I drew this one.
Al's Waiter
Teen Enzo
Teen AndrAIa
Enzo and AndrAIa from my fic "An Eye for an Eye".
Al's Waiter
Kawaii AndrAIa
This was for a little project with Julia_Cat but it sort of fell through. It's still cute though!
Al's Waiter
This is how I picture the mysterious super virus.
A very nice picture of the game sprite done in pencil crayon.
Another picture of the gamesprite. Done in pencil.
This is the first picture of Mouse on my page. Whoo. ;D
Angel Sprite #1
Angel Sprite #2
Two angel sprites possibly from the Mortal Combat type game.
Waiting for Season 4 Series
Al's Waiter
Watch out!
"Excuse us"
Bounce made an oops!
While waiting for Season 4 for one month... I kept myself occupied so to speak.
Star Wars/ReBoot X-Over
Prisoner Dot
Leia/Dot, 'nough said!
Movie Poster
The Virus Strikes Back!
Mousepad and Enzo
This is a picture of Enzo as Anikan Skywalker (aka Enzo Webstrider) and and AndrAIa (aka Mousepad) as Queen Amidala in her servant disguise, talking in Squatto's shop.
The Random Menace Movie Poster
This is my ultimate favourite of Skif's. I even printed it out and posted it in my locker this year!
Enzo Webstrider
I guess instead of loosing his hand to Megabyte, he lost his eye. *g*
Bob Solo
Uh... 'nuff said. Looks very cool!
The Matrix/ReBoot X-Over
Al's Waiter
Matrix as Neo
AndrAIa as Trinity
Bob as Morphius
Turbo as Cypher
The Matrix has you.
"What is the Matrix?" Well, I finally have the answer and the poster to prove it!
AW's ReBoot: Project Metaverse Characters
Al's Waiter
Myst and Riven PC
From System of Secrets the twin game sprites. (Digitally coloured)
Al's Waiter
Lara Entrix and Duke Racer
From System of Secrets two Game sprites. (Digitally coloured)
Al's Waiter
Lara Entrix
Duke Racer
Myst PC
Riven PC
Quake Conquor
From System of Secrets game sprites. Coloured with pencil crayon, these are just the beginning of AW's little world in the RPM universe!