I am Daemon.
...But... but...I thought you were deleted!
You can not get rid of me zat easily.
Remember, you are on my server and will always be under my control. Iz zat understood, little one?
*bows head* Yess'um.
Now, I saw that you were doing another contest and I thought I'd supervise it. Also, since I am already wearing shorts and do not have to be cheaply editted, I will vollenteer my services.
Not to mention you like the number four, correct?
*pauses* Poszibly....

Hello, my children. I am here to help AW with his new contest. I do hope that many will participate and spread ze word of eet to the far corners of ze net and ze Super Computer.

Ze point of zees little contest iz to write ze best short fanfiction about or with ReBoot characters in eet. You have a very large list of titles to choose frum and you must choose from zees list; if you don not, your story will be omitted from ze contest.

Please choose a title and write a short story. Twelve pages maximum, two pages minimum (size 12 font).

Ze story can be humourous, romantic, action filled, or character based; even combined. AW wants no adult material or language in the stories (ReBoot terms/equivilents are accepted though). He went through ze titles and found some of zem might be tempting to do in zat style but if you submit one like zat, it will become target practice for dear Matrix. Ze short can be in the form of a screen play (or script) as well, but ze script has to be a fairly lenghthy one [script = mostly diologue].

Only one story per author, s'il vous plait. It is only fair to ze other authors as well as AW himself. He does not want to be reading stories till the end of ze net. *giggle*

AW has some further instructions pour vous:

"#1. No self-insertions. This is when you put yourself in the story.

#2. No intorducing new characters (as main characters) that were not in the show. Only canon (or original) ReBoot characters. Mentions of a self-created character is allowed though. Made up binomes are allowed and encouraged to have names if it pleases the author."

 Ze winners will be choosen with delicate care and considuration. If ze fic has large grammar mistakes, and has not been carefully looked though, it can not win.

Please send your entires to ze address on your screen. Contest closes March 15, 2003. Start writing and send in your ReBoot shorts as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about zees contest or anything, do not feel hesitant to e-mail AW. Please tell him if I didn't explain it well enough and he will gladly help you out.

 This is the e-mail to send your shorts and your comments, alswaiter@rogers.com.

Ze Word

Title List

The Strange Door
The Next Time I Marry
Keep Your Seat Please
Our Miss Fred
One Exciting Night
Delivery Boys
Just Across the Street
Dirty Work
His Sister's Secret
Let's Go Places
Feet First
Every Day's a Holiday
Someone Behind the Door
Hold that Girl
If I Ever See You Again
Something Weird
Ladies Who Do
Talking Walls
Ladies Crave Excitement
I Hate Blondes
The Tall Target
Tomorrow At Ten
The Wrong Guys
If I Had My Way
True As A Turtle
On Friday at Eleven
Just My Luck
Three Bites of an Apple
The Dummy Talks
What Have I Done to Deserve This?
Sincerely Yours
Having it All
Just One of the Guys
It's in the Bag
It Happened in the Super Computer
Gone in 60 Nanos
Who Done It?
Dangerous Blondes
The Yellow Cab Man
The Cars the Ate Mainframe
I'm the One You're Looking For
Z.P.G (you decide what it stands for)
He Laughed Last
The Five Thousand Fingers of Dr. T
Cellar Dweller
Last Call
Tomorrow At Seven
Slip Slide Adventures
The People Next Door
Wanna Be's
My Pal Gus
The Girl Most Likely
Dangerous Holiday
Laughter in Paradise
The Sectret of the Blue Room
Mixed Company
Unidentified Flying Oddball
The Specialist
Behind the Eightball
Weird Woman
Stolen Face
One Rainy Afternoon
The Running Kind
The Fat Spy
That was Then...This is Now
Doctor's Don't Tell
Hot Potato
By Design
Jail Bait
Candles at Nine
Look in Any Window
Lucky Night
Step By Step
Hold On!
Perfect Friday
So Fine
Three Nuts in Search of a Bolt
Scent of Mystery
Below the Belt
The Long Wait
Adventures Beyond Belief

"Bring my messenger home."