By Al's Waiter

[soft music plays]

Female Voice Over: Hello, my name is Lara and I'm a sprite.

[a young, red skinned female sprite with blue hair and a long braid turns to face the camera]

Lara: I'm from the system of Uphoria. I guess one could call it a small colony of humans; mostly humans anyways.

[scene of the street filled with human children playing and cars flying overhead]

Lara: I wasn't always part of the Metaverse. It was actually physically impossible for me. Then, one day, all of that changed...

[screen fades to black...Rock music blares as...]

*a shot of a racing track with fifteen cars whiping around the courners. "He's coming up on your tail, Bobby!"
* scene of six sprites heading to a Principal Office. "Race ya!"
* five sprites in a diner booth, with a sixth one walking up "Sprites, I have something to tell you."
* two guardians sitting on system watch "A system that pops out of nowhere?"
* female guardian picks up the phone "...we have a problem..."
* group shot of six sprites with fear on their faces "What did you find out...?"

[Fade out]

(New) Female Voice Over: "Something that, if I am correct, will change the system and probably our lives as well."

Magic Voice: Coming soon to the Metaverse...

[flash shots of Lara; a male sprite with light blue skin and long green hair; a navy female sprite with firey oranage hair; a turquiose male sprite with short yellow hair; a purple female sprite with white spikey hair; a male sprite with firey orange hair]

Magic Voice: ...and introducing a new Metaverse writer, Al's Waiter...

[group shot of six previous sprites]

Magic Voice: "System of Secrets"

[shot of Lara]

Lara: The games have just begun. Are you ready?

[Lara aims a gun toward the camera and shoots out the Metaverse icon. The screen goes black leaving only the icon.]

ReBoot: Project Metaverse

Read System of Secrets