By Al's Waiter

[soft music plays]

Female Voice Over: I am Lara Entrix from the system of Uphoria.

[Lara turns to face the camera]

Lara: We thought it was just a normal day...

[scene of the gaming areana]

[Fades into the holo-game deck with a racing game in progress]

[A shot of the systems map in the Guardian database with a red dot appearing out of nowhere]

Lara VO: ...we were wrong.

[shot of Duke, Myst, Riven, Lara and Quake]

Lara VO: Now we must prepare ourselves for battle of which we do not know the outcome

[Rock music blares]

* a shot of the five sprites clicking their icons and changing into their battle modes
* Mayor Brad Cassidy and Michael Houston arguing across a desk
* Twenty Guardians running into a shimering portal
* a binome running away

[Fade out]

Prime Jennings Voice Over: We've checked the system and we are unable to find any information on it. Find out what's going on and report back as soon as you can.

Magic Voice: The long in coming conclusion of System of Secrets...

[flash shots of Lara, Duke, Riven, Michael Houston, Quake, Mayor Cassidy, Genesis, and Myst]

Magic Voice: Al's Waiter, author of ReBoot fictions "An Eye for an Eye" and "Interview With a Viral" comes...

[group shot of the six game sprites]

Magic Voice: System of Secrets: the conclusion

[shot of Lara]

Lara: The games have just begun. Are you ready?

[Lara aims a gun toward the camera and shoots out the Metaverse icon. The screen goes black leaving only the icon.]

ReBoot: Project Metaverse

Read System of Secrets