Just the other day while I was checking my email and feeling pretty lousy with the flu, when I received a very nice pick me up email from one Joey Roy Philbert.  It started out nice, with a compliment on the Wait and Eat, that he liked it very much and that just made my day.

After the usual pleasentries of a nice email he got down to business. The purpose of the email was not to flatter me and such (though I wish that was the only purpose), but to try and keep up the support that ReBoot needs to succeed as it has in the past.

He gave me a large list of network emails, web addresses, snail mail and some phone numbers. He encouraged me to encourage you to continue to email the networks and such to give ReBoot a long and healthy life that it deserves.

And here they are:

YTV: info@ytv.ca and http://www.ytv.com
Cartoon Network: http://cartoonnetwork.com/feedback/
Irwin: parents@irwintoy.com and corporate@irwintoy.com
American Champion: 22320 Foothill Blvd., Suite #260, Hayward, CA 94541, (510) 728-0200
ABC: netaudr@abc.com
Alliance Communications: television@allianceatlantis.com
BLT Productions: comments@bltproductions.com
Mainframe Entertainment: N/A (at the moment)
Fox Kids: http://foxkids.com/corporate/aboutus/aboutus.html

And though I don't encourage bugging Mairi at Mainframe Entertainment, because she already knows the situation and I've heard that she has a ton of emails to go through, not to mention portfolios, applications to Mainframe Ent. and more. So, please give poor Mairi a break of "PLEEZE! I NEED A NEW SEASON OF REBOOT OR I'M GOING TO DIE!" type of emails. She and all of Mainframe want more ReBoot but it's the networks that you should be bugging the heck out of.

So, flee from me my little emailing people! Go do your work that Mainframe needs. They'll do they're job, if you do yours!


The Al's Waiter