Go to the HA! page Go to the HM... page Everybody likes to laugh. Me especially, so I added this page to make others (that's you) laugh.
Most of these little one liners are from my math teachers wall. (He changed the sayings and jokes every week) and I liked them so much, I thought to myself "Self, share these with the world!". And that's what I'm doing.
I hope you like these as much as I did (and still do). Just click on the picture that is connected to the one you want to go to, and if you have any to add, please free to e-mail them to me. Enjoy!! ^_^
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This and That | Christmas Humour | Computer Humor

This and That
Click here to learn about Van Goghs infamous relatives.
Click here to find out Why it's so great being a Guy! (No girls. There is no really BIG insults [if any] to you.)
Discover the cultural differences between the Canadians, British, Aussies, and the Americans.
Ways you know you're too Canadian for your own good. - More Added. I'm now up to 111!
Real errors found in church bulletins.
New Work Rules of the office.
Thoughts of the Day
It's not my job! This is something not for the squemish.
34 Ways to Annoy people and have a good time.
100 Ways to Order Pizza
Bumper Stickers
Top 10 rejection lines given and what they really mean.
Application to date my daughter - Guys, let's hope not very many fathers get ahold of this page!
Things to When You're Bored
30 Things to When You're Bored

Christmas Humour
Warning! This should not be read by thoes under the age of seven, because it might endanger their dream and vision of Santa.
Is there a Santa Claus?
Why I think Santa is a Woman
Skiing Daffynitions
New and Improved(?) Christmas Carols
Ode to Pain - Poem/Song

Computer Humour!
Star Trek vs. Microsoft Windows
49 Things to do in an exam that doesn't could that much and 50 ways to scare people in a computer lab.
What Red Neck's of when they hear the computer terms...
Y0K! - It came and went!
New Computer Virus'!