Welcome to an ANTI-Titanic Club

That's right! It's the "I Have Not Seen Titanic Yet And Probably Never Will" club. This club is for people of all ages who haven't seen the new movie Titanic and don't want to. I think it's the first of it's kind. I've seen Anti-Titanic websites but why waste time and effort into something that you have no interest in? Besides, I want to see how many people out there don't want to see Titanic just like I do.

A number of reasons way I don't want to see this movie...
Reason #1. - The movie is explained basically as I picture it.
Reason #2. - A horrible, over-hyped movie compaired to another "not-so-great", over-hyped movie.
Reason #3. Well,it's not exactly a reason but it's a sure fun essay that Charisma suggested I write.

WARNING! The links this webpage contains may not take you to a ReBoot website. The websites don't reflect my likes or dislikes. (In other words, I'm not sure where you'll go from here. Did that make sense? No? I didn't think so.)

Official Members
Al's Waiter (Founder)
Justin Mccready
Sunstar - Webpage
Yakov Grinberg
Nyias - Webpage
Lyndsay -Webpage
Seth O'Shields
Gina Antilles - Webpage
Owen - Webpage
ReBoot Nut - Webpage
MG - Webpage
Meghan Wilk
Terrence Martin - Webpage
Renegade Minx (who slept through it. I'm so proud of you!)
H\A (Heather N. Allen) (who slept through it too!) - Webpage
Mr. Jeffrey
Darksphere - Webpage

Honourary Members
David Fullam
GuardianStar957 - Webpage
D^Knight - Webpage
Fax Modem1
Batman - Webpage Address Incorrect
MeatLoaf the Happy Donkey - Webpage

That's the list so far! People are joining everyday! Well not everyday, but they're joining! Come on! Have your name added to this list! When you email me about joining this club. You will receive a button that looks like this...without the "SAMPLE" on it of course. [And for those of you who have seen the movie (you poor people!): You see above you a list of "Honourary Members". Those are people who have seen the movie and wished they haden't. If this describes you, you too can be an Honourary Member and get a special button!]

You will put this button up on your webpage if you have one and your name on this page will link to your page. If you don't have a webpage, your name will just be on this list of names and if you want, you have have a link for someone to email you by your name.

Please send the following information when you join:
Name: (can be real or web alias)
Webpage URL:
E-Mail address: (The one that you use the most)

JOIN THE CLUB! alswaiter@home.com

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