Previous Poll Results

Here is the resting place of previous polls that I've had over the months. Here's what people voted for:

Feb '02 - March '02

Do you like my new poll box?

  • Yes, very much: 9 votes
  • Yes, it's okay: 3 votes
  • No, not really: 3 votes
  • No, it bytes: 0 votes
  • I like cheese!: 27 votes
  • I'm a tugboat, call me Mel!: 22 votes

    AW's Note: Well, I'm glad that you all like cheese. But for those of you who voted "No, not really" please let me know what you didn't like about it. I want to keep people happy. ^^

    Nov '01 - Jan '02

    I like best about...
    ...This poll is it always has "I'm a Tugboat, call me Mel": 12
    ...Bob is his goofy grin: 11
    ...Ray is his accent: 7
    ...AndrAIa is her ability to make people fall down with one little touch: 6
    ...Phong is his... Phongness: 6
    ...Matrix is his angstyness: 5
    ...Mouse is her hair: 3
    ...Dot is her ability to make everyone else do the work: 3
    ...Enzo is his hyperactiveness: 2
    ...Frisket is his gold teeth: 1
    ...Bula is the fact she's really not a princess: 1

    Sept '01 - Nov '01

    In Season 4, Megabyte will...

    ...come back to Mainframe for some revenge (served with pinto beans and muffins): 28
    ...finds a webcreature driving a tugboat called Mel: 16
    ...come back for regular revenge: 11
    ...stays in the Web because...he just does: 9
    ...stays in the Web because he's found a nice home: 4

    June '01 - Sept '01

    In Japan (specifically Tokyo), AW...?

    (all of the above [below]): 17
    ...went around watching anime and buying manga.: 4
    ...wandered Shijiku and got handed 100 free tissue: 3
    ...lost his plane ticket out and had to find a job to get back to Canada: 3
    ...went to a communal bathhouse.: 2
    ...went around calling everyone Mel.: 2 sick by eatting too much Pocky.: 1 lost at Shijiku train station.:1
    ...ate sushi.: 0

    Click here to find out the truth!

    December '00 - June '01

    In season 3, Turbo wasn infected by me. In season 4 of ReBoot, will he be...
    ...a tugboat, call him Mel!: 70 [Man! What's with you people?!]
    ...good and secretly helps the Mainframers.: 32
    ...completely infected and pretends to be good.: 30
    ...good but turns bad half way through.: 24

    August-December '00

    Do you like Daemon's hair:
    I'm a Tugboat, call me Mel!: 77 Who put that in?!? I want to know!!
    Down?: 41
    Ponytail?: 20
    In a frenchtwist?: 18
    Up?: 9

    June-July '00

    Do you think Daemon should take over Al's Wait and Eat?

    No: 31 Too bad!
    "I'm a tugboat, call me Mel!": 29
    Yes: 12 You sweet dears!
    Who's Daemon?: 3 I should delete you!
    What's Al's Wait and Eat?: 1 Exactly. What is Al's Wait and Eat? Kaput! That's what! *eg*

    Jan-June '00 (sorry about that)

    What is better than Bob's singing?

    Nothing is better than Bob's singing! (AW: Are you random?): 88
    Fingernails against a chalkboard: 21
    Cracking knuckles: 19
    "I'm a Tugboat, call me Mel!": 18
    Someone tapping a pen - repeatedly!: 14
    People correcting everyone around them and trying to be perfect: 9
    Repeatitive sniffing: 8

    December '99

    In the episode 'Fire Wall v 3.1.3' when Enzo beat the Santa User, were you...

    Confused, because you read on my site that Santa was dead: 46

    Didn't care; the way Santa fell was halarious!: 19

    Happy: Enzo wasn't nullifed by Santa: 17

    Sad: You liked Santa and was looking forward to all those ReBoot action figures this year: 7

    What do I know? I'm just a Tugboat, call me Mel!: 3

    Happy: Santa was over the hill anyway. Time for his son to take over!: 3

    Indifferent: It's just a TV show!: 2

    November '99

    Who is Feathers McGraw?

    A spy for Daemon: 22

    Someone who's planning to take over Mainframe: 17

    Chicken in disguise: 14

    A PENGUIN!: 14

    Bank robber from England: 3

    Gromitt's duel identity: 2

    I'm a tugboat, call me Mel!: 2

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