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ReBoot is a 3-D (or computer/digital) animated show produced in British Columbia, Canada by a company Mainframe Entertainment Inc. The show's happenings take place entirely inside a PC computer.

The main characters are a humanoid race called sprites (find out about them here). They live, work and play in a city (or system) called Mainframe. There are four main sprites in Mainframe (Bob, Dot, Enzo and Phong [who is not humanoid]). There are also other beings that live in Mainframe as well, called binomes. They are the 1's and 0's of your system that make everything work. Everyone's lives are more or less like ours, except for two things. The first thing is games.

The User, you or me, drops down game cubes into the system for our amusment, yet they are deadly for them. If they get caught in the game cube, they must battle you. If they win, you loose the game. If you win, they are nullified (turned into a energy sucking worm-like creature).

The second thing is viruses.

Two viruses live in Mainframe and cause no end of problems for the other inhabitants there. The first type of virus is chaotic; Hexidecimal. She is the Queen of Chaos and enjoys messing around with just about everything. The second type of virus is controling; Megabyte. He has an oversized megalomaniac complex. He has hundreds of viral binomes to do his bidding as well as two henchmen that can hardly get anything right. Megabyte is obsessed about power and getting to the Super Computer. Will he ever make it there? Only time will tell.

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