Graveheart: Greetings to you all. We, the members of the Planetary Alliance, have an important message to tell you, inhabitants of earth.

Cyros: Indeed. As you have watched our adventures and trials against the Beast Planet, you have learned about us and a little about our customs.

Pyrus: You've learned how we act towards each other, how we work with one another.

Graveheart: But most importantly, how we did act toward one another. We were at war against each other for centuries.

Cyros: We were judging each other for what our ancestors, and ourselves, couldn't agree on.

Jade: Until, we went against a common foe...

Femur: ...and defeated it.

Graveheart: Now, we have looked beyond our differences and have accepted each other for what we are.

Pyrus: We hear that you humans have the same problem on your planet, but it's even worse than're against your own kind!

Femur: I'm used to that...but there's a reason for it...

Jade: Why am I not surprised?

Femur: [sarcastically] Real cute Doll. Real cute.

Cyros: The Alliance wants to see you get beyond judging appearences and getting to know the person inside before making decide whether you like them or not.

Graveheart: What we want you to do is click on the link at the bottom of the page and it will take you to a "Stop Racism!" site on your internet.

Pyrus: This new Alliance is not against the Beast Planet, but against racism and we want you to join! Just don't be like Lord Mantel who wouldn't listen to any species that was different than his own. It cost him a lot...

Graveheart: That it did, Pyrus. So please help others get past judging and grouping peoples by their colour or culture...
Moon Over Mayhem

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