The Legend of the Beast Planet

Long ago, stories of a Beast Planet were told. Stories of death and destruction. The Beast Planet would consume and feast on the resources of other smaller halpless planets by bringing the enitre planet inside itself, but no one ever surrvived the confrintation to confirm these tales as truth.

So, the stories turned into a legend, told only by parents to little children who were being disobediant. No one believed in the stories anymore. No one, until, one being escaped the Beast Planet's clutches. The sole surrviver of an entire race and star system, flew to a cluster of planets that had been at war with each other for centuries and tried to warn them of the coming threat.

And so, our story begins...

Shadow Raiders (War Planets in the United States) is the third production of Mainframe Entertainment in Vancouver, Canada. Animation Magazine did an article on the show in September 1998.
The show is based on the Trendmaster's toy line called War Planets which are small plastic "planets" that attach together and form a large "cluster" of planets. Each "planet" has several attachments to enlarge it.

The story is about four planets at war with each other because of the natural reasourses that each planet contains. Planet Ice is the furthest away from the sun, therefore, is covered in glaciers and is the source of all fresh water. Planet Rock is the place to go for minerals, like nickle, copper, etc. Planet Bone is where you go if you're hungry; it suppys the food of the Planet Cluster. Finally, Planet Fire is closet to the sun and is the source of energy.
There is one other planet, but it doesn't support life. The Planet Remora is a dead world with no oxygen, plant life, or water. Nothing can live there.

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