What's New?!?

01/19/02 - *looks down at the last update date* Crimeny! I really have to start updating ths page much more often. I'm still in the process of changing this place. Really sorry, but I got caught up with the new ReBoot movies that aired on YTV and The Cartoon Network and was only updating Al's Wait and Eat. But I'm back now and I'm going to start updating ALL of my webpages instead of just the one.

Anyway, the half asciied update today is the Shadow Raiders theme in mp3 form that people have been asking for. It's at the top of the sounds page, which I absolutely dispise the layout and always have. That's a page that's gonna get designed REALLY soon.

Speaking of redesigning, I haven't completely forgotten about this page and have been working on it behind the scenes. I've changed the look of both the Episode Guide and The Cast pages. They're not completed yet but at least they work and look nice.

That's all.


03/29/01 - I, Al's Waiter, now has a mailing list for those who are interested in knowing when I update one of my many webpages.

Check it out! AW's Update List.

Plus, the Alliance is back and http:www/march21.com is back up and new!

Also, there is a new Mainframe Entertainment In Print article posted.

That's it for now.


02/19/01 - I've got a few things up this time (and it's about time! Whoo! Okay, there is a new chapter for my fic My Brother's Keeper, which means only one more chapter to go, then I'm on to other SR fanfics.

Also there is a new section, thanks to CyberCat for suggesting it (and contributing to it), called Shadow Raiders in My Pants, which is taking a line from episodes and replacing one word with the word 'pants'. It's all fun. Go see it.

Next is another new section called Did You Notice in Shadow Raiders?. It's CyberCat's observations in the episodes, including animation mistakes.

That's it for now. Hope to have more soon.


06/15/00 - Okay. Today I have something new. Whoa! I've got a new message board called Keep Your Teeth. Please use it to it's fullest!


06/11/00 - Two new chapters are up in the Fanfiction Archive. Both new chapters to "Cold Minds" by Klitch and "Just a Mechanic..." by Earthmage. A new addition to the SR writting community (very small though it is) is the The Shadow Raiders Self-Insertion Test. Are you inserting yourself into your fanfiction? Take the test and see!

New stuff is coming soon.


05/20/00 - Alright! This is a very, very small update but please keep in mind I'm working on big things behind the scenes and preparing something for Al's Wait and Eat's second birthday. Whoa! Two years on the Net! Who would have thunk it? Moon Over Mayhem has a birthday too, I just don't know the exact date; I think I'll just have to pick a date. Probably in the summer! :)

The update today was 3 peope added to the I Haven't Seen Titanic Yet and Probably Never Will" Club. That's it. Sorry to those of you who were hoping for something more.

(Oh yeah! I'm 19 now too! Whoo hoo! I can drink legally... not that I would anyway! :)

04/03/00 - I've finaly got around to putting this on my page. I've got two new things in the Fun/Different SR stuff. I've had the two items in my notebook for a long time and just have never found the time to type them out let alone HTML them. Please enjoy and I'm still in high school so homework and such takes priority.



03/20/00 - I've intercepted a message from the Alliance which I think you should read.

The Alliance Against Racism!


03/04/00 - I'm just slowly changing the look and layout of the pub so...that's all I've done. Sowwy. ;P


PS: Earthmage - You don't have to re-send "Just a Mechanic: Part two" I still have them...so don't worry. *g*

02/06/00 - Shadow Raiders'/War Planets are playing re-runs everywhere and it looks like they will be playing re-runs from now on. There is no plans for a 3rd season so, SR fans, enjoy it while you can. I know I am. :)
01/08/00 - What's new? Well, some of the organization of some of the pages. I've added the new planets but I haven't been able to do all of the character summaries. I'm really sorry about that. But I do have a planetary summary of Planet Reptizar though...even Mainframe doesn't have one of it. You'll find it only here!

A new monthly poll now and a new chapter in my fic My Brother's Keeper.

I do have some bad news though. My computer crashed. I can't work on my webpages and I don't know when I'll be able to either. I'm working from a friends computer at the moment; that's the only reason I can talk to you at the moment.

I hope to be back soon. I don't when though. Don't e-mail me @home, because I can't check it.

Talk to you soon....I hope!