Previous Shadow Raider Polls

Here is the resting place of previous polls that I've had in the past. Here's what people voted for:

August-December '00

What's your favourite quote?
"Yeah right! Zera: Warrior Princess! That'll be the day!" - "Femur must be injured. We'd hear his whining by now." - Cyros: 18
"You are one monumental moron!" - Jade: 12
"......" - Voyd: 9
"AAAAAAAAH!" - Cryos (when Femur finally drove him too far): 7
"I take it she was a friend of yours?" "The best. I trust her with my life." "Why would you value your life so...cheaply?" - Cryos & Graveheart: 7
"Cry havok and slit the dogs of war!" - Graveheart: 3
"Stay Frosty!" - Gravheart: 3
"Move that hand Toad!"- Jade: 3
"Pelvis has left the building" - Zera: 3
"I'm just a miner..." - GH: 3
"In that case, I'm lucky to be alive..." - Jade: 2
"You always said I had a granite stomach..." - Graveheart: 2
"She seeks to wear Rock's Stoney crown..." - Foundation of the Soul: 2
"So tell me, do you enjoy talking to yourself?" -Graveheart: 2
"Sorry, we don't serve miners here!" - Bouncer: 2

June-July '00

Why was the Golden Jubilation talks cut off?

Baby Pyrus being sick on Lord Mantel's new boots: 15
Femur was being his usual 'charming' self: 9
The lack of party hats: 6
A lava dog doing a 'boo-boo' in the conference room: 5