This page is designated for Shadow Radier/War Planets sounds for the television show being viewed in Canada and the United States. I'd like to give Jjuneau many thanks for getting me these many, many sounds. If you want to use these sound for your computer, that's fine. If you want to use these sounds for your webpage and such, please e-mail me and ask me first and give the credit to Jjuneau and I, plus put a link to my page. These sounds are copyrighted by me. If you steal them and I find out. Watch out! (I know these sounds are originally from Mainframe's 'Shadow Raiders', but I selected these out of all the episodes.)

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All of these sounds are in .wav format but they are in zip files to save space, and the first thriteen episods are slightly quiet. I will try and get them in better quality. But Until then, please enjoy. =D

Theme - Shadow Raiders.mp3 (zipped)

#1. Behold the Beast

GRAVEHEART: Big problems need big solutions.
CRYOS: Humour?

TEKLA: Father, I will not fail you.

UNNAMED MINER: I'm freezing my rocks off here.

GRAVEHEART: It's over, for now.

GRAVEHEART: By Mantel's crown!

Tekla: Run.
GRAVEHEART: First let's see if you can stand.

GRAVEHEART: Sonic cannon. Care you join me?

#2. On the Rocks


CRYOS: I take it she was a friend of yours?
GRAVEHEART: The best. I'd trust her with my life.
CRYOS: Why would you value your life so cheeply?

GRAVEHEART: Aw come, Jade. You know me better than that.
JADE: I'm not sure I know you at all. Ever since you quit the army....
GRAVEHEART: Don't go there! Now is not the time or place!

GRAVEHEART: And I thought that the reception on your world was cold.

JADE: Somebody has to watch your back, with this 'Iceflea' around.

CRYOS: I must say, this is the start of a beautiful friendship.

#3. Born in Fire

ZERA: I thought you said 'No kids allowed'

JADE: I got tired of waitin'

GRAVEHEART: Sorry we're late. The traffic was murder.

#4. Bad to the Bone

FEMUR: Thanx for the clue, Babe!

LAMPREY: The boy, he's dangerous.
FEMUR: Yeah! To teenaged girls.

JADE: Felt good ta hit somethin'

FEMUR: Eat hologram!

JADE: You're hand: Remove it or loose it!

JADE: I'll never trust that snurkin' toad.

#5. Wolf in the Fold

CRYOS: Now I suppose we have to save the fool from himself.
JADE: Do we have to?

JADE: I do not trust this Tekla. She grinds my stones.

#6. Mindwar

FEMUR: Oh swell! The Babe's gone bonkers!

JADE: Put up a fight, please.

FEMUR: OW! Ow ow hey. Pelvus you dolt! Ow! Ow ow ow ow. Mind the Weapons! Ow!
(AW's NOTE: I just had to get this one. It's where Tekla/Lamprey is beating on Femur.)

#7. J'accuse!

JADE: I knew I could count on you ta clear me.
GRAVEHEART: With a litte help from some friends. (back round noise of aruging)
JADE: In that case I'm lucky to be alive.

PYRUS: I thought this only happened in holovids.

PYRUS: Hot Stuff!

GRAVEHEART: Hey! It's your world. I don't have a map!

JADE: Oh, now what?

JADE: STAY BACK! You don't want to so this.

VIZIER: And where is the other rock ...'commoner'?
PYRUS: Jade? I think she went out for a walk.

#8. Blood is Thinker...

PYRUS: Well, you better break out the big guns gang. We're pickup new concentrations of null energy all across the planet.

GRAVEHEART: You're suppose to knock first.

GRAVEHEART: Lookin' for me?

ZERA: Miss me Graveheart?

TEKLA: There's too many of them.
GRAVEHEART: Not any more.

#9. Rock n' Ruin

PYRUS: You can fly this thing, right?
JADE: Since before you were born.

JADE: Hmmm hmmm.. You never could get along without me, could you?

FEMUR: Yo! Ide Scuad! Did you forget about me? Huh?
JADE: We should be so lucky.

LORD MANTEL: You do what you want, Boy, but this trator must be punished.
PYRUS: I am not a boy. I am Ruler of Planet Fire, and Jade is now under my Royal Protection. Now let us do what we must!

TEKLA: Are you alright my friend?
GRAVEHEART: I will be, once my teeth stop rattling.

JADE: I tear out Femur's spleen for this!

#10. Against all Odds

ZERA: You big, dumb Lava... ahhhh! If we live through this, you're charcoal!

ZERA: Worry about yourself, Lavahead

ZERA: We're still not friend, are we?
PYRUS: What? Fire and Ice? No Way! Not gonna happen.
ZERA: Good. I was just making sure.

PYRUS: Woohoo! This is going to be a bumpy ride!

ZERA: Hey! I'm going to learn how to be a warrior you'll...
PYRUS: Ha! Yeah right! Zera: Warrior Princess! That'll be the day!

#11. Uneasy Hangs the Head

CRYOS: That is a possiblity more frightening than the Beast Planet itself!

GRAVEHEART: I warned you before Jade, don't go there.

PYRUS: You know that there's no way we'd ever leave Femur in charge.
FEMUR: Excuse me? Was that a slam?

GRAVEHEART: I just a minor... (x5)
JADE: You have no idea how tired I am of hearing you say that!

JADE: You are one Monumental Moron!

CRYOS: Do you see my friend? Now you must stay.

FEMUR: Never did think that you had the stones, Rocko.

#12. Ragnarok: Part One

FEMUR: Ah! You mean Bolderboy here?

GRAVEHEART: Looks like it just us.
CRYOS: I suppose that depends on your point of view.

#13. Ragnarok: Part Two

PYRUS: Oh you're going down!

GRAVEHEART: Stay Frostie!
(Aw, come on! Being a ReBoot season three freak, I HAD ot get this catch phrase from ReBoot! ^_^)

GRAVEHEART: Then cry havok and slit the Dogs of War.

CRYOS: This is madness!
GRAVEHEART: This is war!

JADE: Graveheart, we are waitin' you orders.
GRAVEHREAT: In that case Jade, fire at will!
JADE: Ha ha! I do so love it when you say that!

PYRUS: Is that the best you got? Ha! I'm not even warmed up yet!

These sounds are better quality than the previous ones.
They are so much more clearer.

#15. This is the Way the World Ends...

JADE: It has begun...

PYRUS: Our home fires will burn as long as there is memory.

VIZIER: It was my glory to have served you.

GRAVEHEART: Even now, King Cryos is moving Planet Ice out of the Beasts' path. We've also contacted Planet Rock, and despite certain grumblings, Planet Bone as well. Both worlds are on the move.

JADE: He's trying ta ram it!

#16. Period of Adjustment

CRYOS: Forgive me, Jade, but you are a far better warrior than you are a cook. Ohhhh... JADE:I never claimed otherwise.

GRAVEHEART: Well, You always said I had a granite stomach.

PELVUS: Please your Lordship, I bruse like a grape!

FEMUR: Hey, I missed you too, 'Marble Cheeks' (kissing sounds)
CRYOS: You best leave quickly Femur.

PYRUS: The Vizier died so that our people could live. For that, I salute him.
GRAVEHREAT: As do I, young Prince, as do I.

FEMUR: Hey! What's that ticking? (BIG EXPLOTION!!)

GRAVEHEART: Don't break a tooth.
CRYOS: Ohhh...too late.

That's it fo rnow. Come back soon and I'll have more. :)