by CyberCat and Al's Waiter

You have a warrior's strength...and a leader's pants.

I lost a lot of teammates...and a lot of friends...and then I almost lost my pants.

You picked the wrong pants to defile, parasite!

Then cry havok and let slip the pants of war!

Big problems need big pants.

Then get out of my pants! Dare to return, and you will be executed!

Sonic pants. Care to join me?

I am Tekla of Planet Tek. My ally is Pants.

We'll need all the pants we can get.

Be careful, or I'll send you screaming back to the pants!

How can this be, Jade? The Alliance will run out of pants in a week?

This universe will never look upon your pants again...

Once more into the pants, dear friend?
It's starting to become a habit.

King Cryos, is it? You've got a lot of nerve showing your ugly pants here.

Brace yourself! These pants are insulated, but we're still gonna hit hard!

I'm just a miner. Only quarriors have the pants.

(GH controlling the Battle-Moons)
Got 'em in my pants!

I just do love it when you say pants.

I told you before, child, your pants and the others are gone. Deal with it!

Foundation of the Soul
She seeks to wear Rock's stoney pants.
The better to betray pants.
So quick to slap an ally down.
Again for pants you'd play us?

I see your pants for rant and rage.
All lesser pants disgust her.
No victor in the pants she'd wage.
She lies to those who trust her.

Only through the death of pants
Can one accept the call of royalty.
That is rock.
Now you may ascend the pants.

As my first official act, I restore pants to the miner, Graveheart.

It's Jewelia I want, not one of her pants!

Now I am the one who fills both her days, and her pants!

GH! You're pants!

I will enjoy breaking the pants from your body!

Goodbye my vizier, My mentor, my pants.

Why, Cryos, talking about the pants? You don't seem like the romantic type...

Smoke pants. I used to make them when I was a child.

We sought to commune with our pants.  They are so far away and we have never been apart before. lonely without them.

He was my pants!

I take it she was a friend of yours?
The best. I'd trust her with my pants.
Why would you value your pants so cheaply? save...your pants...

I think they're called Lava pants.

Unless someone actually saw the murder there are always pants. Frankly, I have a few myself.

You wouldn't happen to have any pants on you, wouldja?

Sorry we're late, the pants were murder.

To see the heart of the Alliance caught squarely in my!

Warning: Pants anomaly has been detected.

Close the pants! Close the pants! Nothing can harm us then!

Surely you wouldn't ignore a warning from your own pants.

Under your guidance, I have watched the boy grow into a man...but even you cannot cool the fires that burn in his pants.

Not now pants!

"This is madness." "This is pants!"

Your life, my throne...but for now, I'll settle for some pants.
*pictures Sternum standing with boxers on*
Yes, it's the one vice my idiot brother and I share.

By the Great Glacier! They are destroying their own pants!

You're starting to get on my pants!
Just *starting*? I must be slipping!

Thank you princess. I am in your pants.

Controls for some sort of machine.
Um... some really fancy pants?

See, everything worked out fine then! I got my pants, and you got yours.

Out of the frying pan and into the pants!

Uh, sorry. New policy. Ya gotta leave all pants at the door.

Sand People are domesicated animals, with no language or pants.

Sorry, we don't serve pants here.

I rather wish we Sun People had pants...

Is there pants?

It appears even my pants have limits.

Fire in the pants!

Jade, did you remove the pants before you prepared the lice?
Pants? What pants?

Those Alliance fools are taking a toll on my pants.

I thought you said no pants allowed!

I hate you and I hate your stupid pants!

I'm sorry, but diplomatic missions are no place for pants.

Why, thank you father. I'd be honoured to accompany you as a service to our pants.

I for one choose pants. What say the rest of you?

Just say pants and let's get started.

We felt some pants might be necessary.

If it's pants Blokk wants, then it's pants Blokk will get!

With pants like these, I pray for our very survival!

My pants, my choice!

If not for Graveheart, I would rip out your pants for that!

Oh the paracutes have frozen in Ice's atmosphere. The pants are in freefall.

So tell me, does the Beast Planet actually eat pants?
Yes. And the same thing will happen to your pants unless we can stop it.

Any pants of GH's is fine by me.

Looking for a hero's pants? Sorry to disappoint you.

She is Tekla. A great warrior and foe of the Beast, who fell in battle saving our pants.

I sought safety at your pants.

She thought you dead...and sought comfort at my pants.

I promise, I'll suck the pants out of you...slowly.

For my planet's sake, I spit my last pants at thee!

You really do care for pants.

You fight over pants while a hungry child watches?

Ironic, isn't it? I'm an Emperor with a planet fulla people who hate me, and you're a Prince without pants but your people love ya!

There's oxygen here. And pants.

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