Yeah, I know. Eveyone has an arts page on the X-Men site. So, now there's one more. So what? Here is my artwork that I've done over time. Enjoy.

A joint picture. Art by Sango, colouring by AW. It's the Canknucklehead!
With the new wave of X-Men: Evolution, there is our favourite mutants wearing new duds. I don't really like them. Hense, Kurt dons his old uniform.
AOA was a great mini series that remains my favourite in the Marvel Universe. Clarice Ferguson made a stong comeback!
Blink (w/out highlights)
Blink (w/ highlighs)
Jubliee has to be my favourite female from X-Men. She's cool! ^^;
No clothes for her in the X-Men movie which I wasn't that impressed with, so here she is in her new comic duds.
Gambit! What are you doing?!
The kiss
This was suppose to be a promo for the X-Movie a few months before it came out for my site but it never got posted. Oh well.
Rogue and Wolverine

I do have more X-Men artwork and it's hand drawn at my ReBoot Gallery. Go check them out. Eventually I'll move them here, but I'm too lazy right now. They're at the bottom of the page.

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