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Author's Note: This is a rough draft of the prologue of a fanfiction project jointed with myself and a friend.

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No More Mutants!
by Peter Parker

Where Have All the Mutants Gone?

Special. Different. Mutant. Freak. These are just some of the names used to describe the humans around the world who have been gifted and cursed with special abilities and super powers. They range from magnetism to shape shifting, flying to telepathy, super strength to emitting energy forms from their bodies. Others who do not have special powers just look different. In some cases, very different.

The homo superior race has been tormented, persecuted, hated and even killed by the homo sapiens, and it's on a large scale.

Anit-mutant groups span the globe, protesting the equal treatment mutants are receiving in some areas and are pushing for laws to be passed where every mutant, regardless of age, would be placed in concentration camps. With their powers neutralized and refused breeding, the "mutant menace" would be solved.

But is the problem being solved without physical force? Maybe. Mutants are currently disappearing around the world.

Not physically.


The mutant strain of DNA that has been labelled the x-factor and that marks the difference between homo Sapiens and homo superior is mysteriously vanishing from the mutant genetic code without a trace.

"It's incredible!" dictates Dr. Henry McCoy, a bio-chemist, former member of the hero group The Avengers and also a former mutant, "the mutant DNA seems to be devolving to an earlier formation and therefore changing it's owner to a homo Sapiens state." The previously blue furred Avenger scratches his chin and smiles. "The strange thing is, I actually have to shave in the mornings now."

Some mutants are gladly welcoming this change of self and don't want to go back. "This is great!" exclaims a college student of North Dakota who is visiting her friend in Manhattan. "My power was killing all the plant life in a ten foot radius if expose of me for an undetermined length of time. I love flowers but my mother couldn't keep a single plant alive with me in the house."

Still others are not so eager to rid themselves of their strange talents. "I could see in the dark," explains a high school student from West Virginia, "almost as well and I could in the daytime. I guess it was kind of like a cat; needing only a little bit of light to see clearly. I'm really going to miss that." He smiles, "I stubbed my toe on the bed last night."

Despite the 'mutant menace' being resolved, Friends of Humanity spokes person John Manning says that we should not let our guard down just yet. "This might be exactly what they want us to think. Mutants aren't stupid and as soon as we start believing their lies, they will rise up and attack us. Those freaks are still out there!"

But are they? Experts don't agree. Biologist from all over the world are coming to the same conclusion; the homo superior race is going extinct and that the x-factor gene was not the next step toward mankind's evolution but a genetic reaction result of pollution, radiation or even preservatives in foods.

Whatever the cause of the x-factor, it's gone now and both humans and mutants have to live with it. The sad fact is that because of this, some mutants rely on their power manifestations just to see, speak or even to live.

How this phenomenon will effect lives in the long run is up for speculation. Or is this just a temporary event that will revert back to what it was before? Time will tell.