Do you like X-Men fanfiction like I do, but are hard pressed to find any good stories that do the mutant heroes justice? Then buying/reading these novels would be perfect for you! Honest! I have yet to read an X-novel that wasn't a good read. To see what the book is about, click on the link and if you want to know what I thought about the book, click on the "review". I plan to get them all, but that takes time. ;D

Mutant Empire: Siege (w/ review)
Mutant Empire: Sanctuary (w/ review)
Mutant Empire: Salvation
Smoke and Mirrors
Generation X (w/ review)
Jewels Of Cyttorak
Empire's End
Law of the Jungle (w/ review)
Prisoner X (w/ review)
X-Men & Spider-man Time's Arrow - Book 1: The Past (w/ review)
X-Men & Spider-Man Time's Arrow - Book 2: The Present (w/ review)
X-Men & Spider-Man Time's Arrow - Book 3: The Future (w/ review)
Soul Killer
Generation X: Crossroads (w/ review)
Codename Wolverine (w/ review)
Generation X: Genogoths
X-Men & Avengers: Lost and Found - Book 1
X-Men & Avengers: Search and Rescue - Book 2
X-Men & Avengers: Friend or Foe? - Book 3
Star Trek Next Generation/X-Men: Planet X (w/ review)
X-Men: The Novel (Movie) (w/ review)
X-Men/Doctor Doom: The Chaos Engine - Book 1
X-Men/Magneto: The Chaos Engine - Book 2
X-Men/Red Skull: The Chaos Engine - Book 3
Shadows of the Past

Non X-Novels
Nick Fury Agent of Shield: Empyre
Spider-Man: The Venom Factor - Book 1 (w/ review)
Spider-man: The Lizard Sanction - Book 2 (w/ review)
Spider-Man: The Octopus Agenda - Book 3 (w/ review)