Shadows of the Past

Long ago, the alien Quistalian leadership ordered its agent, Lucifer, to conquer Earth. A young Professor X stopped him, but the victory cost him the use of his legs. Now Professor X claims he has evidence of a massive secret Quistalian invasion plan. To stop it he orders the X-Men on a series of urgent missions to three abandoned Quistalian facilities one in the Andes, one in central Africa, and one in Antarctica. The purpose is to seize key pieces of alien technology from the scattered sites and assemble that technology into a defense weapon to stop the Quistalian invasion.

But is the invasion a lie? Does Professor X have a different, hidden, agenda?

Normal human Jeffrey Saunders seems to have the answers to the troubling questions of Professor X's bizarre behavior. But his answers don't make things easier, if anything, they make things worse for the X-Men.

Meanwhile, the countdown for the invasion continues . . .

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