X-Men & Spider-Man: Times Arrow Trilogy

Time's Arrow Book 1: The Past

The new team-up trilogy! Marvel's greatest heroes must go to the past to save the present! When Spider-Man finds a century-old picture of himself and the X-Men's Bishop at a museum exhibit, he decides to pay a visit to the X-Men. He arrives in time to hear of a shocking discovery made by Cable at the powerful Time Displacement Core: someone has shot four "time arrows" into the past that, when activated, could wipe out dozens of timelines!

Time's Arrow Book 2: The Present

Spider-Man and Bishop have been lost in the timestream. With the Time Displacement Core damaged, the X-Men have no way to retrieve them! To make matters worse, Kang has sent three more time arrows to wreak havoc on the timestream--this time to the present! The X-Men must fight through Kang's mercenaries to get to the time arrows, all the while repairing the TDC so that their friends can be rescued.

Time's Arrow Book 3: The Future

Kang's machinations have led to timelines collapsing at a great rate--the X-Men and Spider-Man must take the battle to the Conqueror if they are to keep him from becoming the master of time. But in order to find Kang, they must face alternate futures that may be more than they can bear.

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