Welcome to the "Sign with an X" page. It's fairly new and the long in coming X-Men page from me, Al's Waiter. I used to have a small site called "Xavier's School of Higher Learning" but that crashed several years ago when I didn't have enough time to get it off the ground.

Today's updates (or recent updates) are the interviews of the X-Men cast from the movie are up and now the art as an actual htmled file page called X-Art.

Also the X-Novels section is up with all the novels I could find. Smoke and Mirrors is an impossible book to find anything on - cover or book summary. Oh well, I'll find it eventually. Or not.

Please don't take my coloured artwork from this page unless you ask first and I give it my okay. I put a lot of work in my digital paintings and I don't want to find it somewhere else without my knowledge. Thanx and enjoy the ever growing "Sign with an X".


Sign with an X